My work as a behavioral therapist and analyst have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I love being able to work with kids who have challenges and teach them skills to help them become more independent. Seeing a socially withdrawn child approach another to play, or the first time a non-verbal child says a single word are indescribable moments. Families have invited me into their world for just a glimpse and I've seen the struggles they face. Not only with raising a child with disabilities, but the long and difficult process and fight to get them the services they need and deserve. All the major agencies (CDC, NIMH, APA, etc.) recommend early intervention, before the age of 5, for the best results. But, accessing services by this age has become increasingly difficult. You have to get the proper diagnosis which can mean waiting for an appointment, then you have to find available services which can mean another long waiting list, and finally you have to get approval from your insurance company--and when do they do anything quickly? What can a parent do to help their child in the meantime?
Because of this I wanted to give parents the option to take an active role in their child's treatment by providing education, coaching, and support. Parents shouldn't feel lost and helpless while trying to find help for their child. My goal is to present ABA information in understandable, everyday terms, and provide programs specifically for your child so you can help your child gain life skills and become more independent. 

Services Provided

Parent Coaching and Training
Professional Consultations
  •      ♦ Fieldwork supervision for BCBA & BCaBA candidates
  •      ♦ RBT competency assessments & ongoing supervision
We have several experienced BCBAs qualified to supervise. We will pair you with a supervisor trained in your specialty to guide your experience.