Hi Everyone! If you would like to meet with other BCBA candidates to share resources and discuss behavioral topics please let me know. I have created a Google Room for this purpose. Your email address would be visible to others in the group. Send me an email if you’d like to join.
1. Download the Citrix Files app to your phone
2. Log in with your login info and it should save it (If you need to enter the organization it is teachabalmomentsllc)
3. Go into your Tasks & Videos folder and hit the Blue + sign
4. Click on upload photo or video. Give it permission to access. Then hit done
5. You should then see the option to Take a Photo or Take a Video. Click on Take a Video
6. Hit the record button. 
7. When finished hit “Use Video”
8. Hit Upload
9. Wait until it uploads. This should only take a few minutes, but it doesn’t show you the status. 


BACB Documents

Transition Guidance

4th Edition Experience Standards

5th Edition Fieldwork Requirements

If you are applying after January 1, 2022 or you are unsure you must meet both sets of requirements:
  • ⇒ 4 contact meetings each month
  • ⇒ 2 observations each month
  • ⇒ 60% of your hours must be unrestricted
  • ⇒ 5% of your hours must be supervised

Upload Videos Here

If this availability doesn’t fit your schedule please email me ( I will do my best to be as flexible as possible.

Guidelines for Success


  • ♦ Before recording check the settings on your device and change to the lowest resolution to reduce the file size.
  • ♦ Save the video as the date and start time (Ex: 1-25-20 9:05am)
  • ♦ Upload through the link on this page or through your “Task” folder in Sharefile
  • ♦ Aim for 50% of your supervision hours to be via video. This leads to quality supervision, maximizes your time (since you are already at work), and allows me to have more flexible availability.
  • ♦ Get your videos done as early in the month as possible. ABA is very unpredictable. If your client is sick or goes on vacation suddenly, you may lose your opportunity to take videos. This can result in you not accruing any hours for the month.
  • ♦ Leave your screen on until the video completely uploads.
  • ♦ Some people have more success when they upload one video at a time.

Contact Meetings

  • ♦ Try to schedule 1 meeting per week. 
  • ♦ Meetings have to be a minimum of 15 minutes, and you can schedule as many as you need to reach your hours. 
  • ♦ If you procrastinate it could result in not accruing any hours due to limited or no availability. 


  • ♦ All tasks are designed to help prepare you for the exam and real world scenarios,  but they are optional.
  • ♦ Keep track of the amount of time you work on these tasks and put them on your fieldwork tracker as their own unrestricted session. 
  • ♦ Always find a way to apply the tasks to your situation and clients. 
  • ♦ You can always submit reports and plans (with client names redacted), and conduct research to earn extra unrestricted hours. Document everything.

Purchase Hours

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Recurring Payments

Full Time (6.5 Hours)
$85 every 8 days
Part Time (3.25 Hours)
$42.50 every 8 days


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