Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept medical insurance?

  • No. These services aren't typical ABA services. We give you (the caregiver) the tools and support to carry out the programs on your own.

Do you offer direct in-home services?

  • No. All services are conducted remotely.

If I have more than one child to work with, do they each need an individual plan?

  • Not necessarily. They will need their own programs, but the coaching and/or live sessions can be combined. We can work with you to design a special program.

Are the sessions confidential?

  • Yes. We use encrypted email services. Videos and communication will be private between you and a behavior analyst. You don't even have to share your child's name if that makes you more comfortable. If your main concerns are problem behavior, we do have to observe that on video, but the other videos are about you. You can position the camera to record you implementing the program, cropping most of your child out of the video if that makes you feel better.

For questions related to BCBA supervision, please visit the BCBA Supervision page