Supervision for BCBA & BCaBA Candidates

Meeting the BACB Requirements

5th Edition Requirements for 2021

*60% of your overall hours must be unrestricted; requirement does not have to be met each month
Duration of Contact meetings combined with video observations should equal 5% of the behavior analytic hours worked.

Sample Schedules

Getting Started

Submit the $100 Deposit
Includes: Contract, Set-up with secure system, all paperwork, & 1st Supervised Hour
Complete this Client Information Form 


Digitally sign the Contract & Policies 
*Will be sent within 24 hours following completion of Steps 1 & 2
Choose a Payment Option
See Below


Structured Plan

$325 per month
  • ♦ Includes 6.5 supervised hours per month
    • › 1 weekly contact meeting
    • › 3 hours of video recorded observations per month
  • ♦ Recurring monthly payments (Initial payment $275)
  • ♦ Nonrefundable
  •   Hours do not roll over

Flexible – Recurring

$90 per week
  • ♦ Includes 6.5 hours per month
  • ♦ Undelivered hours roll over and remain in your balance (also subject to refund)
  • ♦ Initial payment is $35 followed by a recurring payment of $90 every 7 days 

*Recurring payments end once you pay for 100 hours or at any time upon your request

Flexible Payment

$60 per Hour
  • ♦ Pay as you go
  • ♦ $60 per hour


Payment and Refunds
  • ♦ Flexible hours do not expire. If you don’t need all of the supervision you paid for within the month the hours remain in your balance until used.
  • ♦ All services delivered are deducted from your balance.
  • ♦ All undelivered services are refundable less a fee imposed by a financial institution. Please review the Policies and Terms and Conditions.


$50 per Supervised Hour

Competency Assessments

♦ $100 for up to 2 hours
  • › 60-90 Minute video of you demonstrating the items on the Assessment
  • › Interview to complete assessment
  • › Signing Assessment & Completion of forms on BACB website
♦ Must provide proof of completed 40-hour Training and Background Check

Ongoing Supervision

$50 per Hour

♦ Follow steps 1-3 above to begin. 
♦ Must arrange to meet the face-to-face requirements via Video conferencing with your supervisor each month.


Expected of You

  • ♦ Adherence to the BACB Experience Standards and Ethics
  • ♦ Obtain signed consent from each client you will video
  • ♦ Be available at scheduled meetings
  • ♦ Submit payment at least 48 hours prior to scheduled meeting

Expected of Us

  • ♦ Strict adherence to the BACB Experience Standards and Ethics
  • ♦ We will provide consent forms for your clients (and employer upon request)
  • ♦ Individualized experience with access to a Curriculum to guide you
  • ♦ Flexible support and response to emails within 24 hours

Group Packages

Group Packages

Full Time | 6.5 Hours

  • ♦ 3 60-minute Group Meetings 
  •        » Tasks assigned to discuss during meetings
  • ♦ 3.5 Individual Hours
  •        » 2 60-minute video observations
  •        » 2 45-minute meetings

Groups of 2 or more

  • If you are part of a group that works together or taking courses together please fill out this form


  • If you are interested in a group package, but don’t work with other BCBA candidates please fill out this interest form.

To begin, each group member will submit a $150 nonrefundable deposit and fill out a Client Information Sheet.

  • Deposit Includes:
  •       • Contract
  •       • Set-up with secure system
  •       • Monthly paperwork
  •       • 3 Group Hours (reserved for your final month)



  • What counts toward supervision?
  • All time that your supervisor dedicates to you counts toward supervision. Contact meetings, video observations, collaboration on behavior-analytic work, etc.
  • What are the minimum monthly requirements?
  • This changes on occasion and the BACB is in a transition period. There is a breakdown of requirements at the top of this page, as well as links to BACB documents.
  • Can I accrue unrestricted hours if I am not working?
  • No. We can only supervise the hours that you actually work. We can help assign unrestricted tasks, but you must obtain permission from your employer to be able to apply these within your setting.
  • Do you guarantee hours?
  • We guarantee that hours are available to you, however it is your responsibility to schedule those hours and upload your videos early in the month. If you procrastinate, those hours may no longer be available.
  • Can I accrue hours via Telehealth?
  • Yes. To meet the observational requirement you can record portions of your telehealth sessions and submit them to your supervisor, or your supervisor can join the telehealth session. You will need consent from your employer and the client (or client’s guardian) to be observed in this manner. 

Referral Incentive Program

Refer others and save! And the more you refer, the more you save. For each candidate you refer (that secures supervision), you will each save 10% on all remaining hours. Receive an additional 10% for each referral!!

Learn about your State’s Behavior Analyst Licensing Guidelines 

We are currently unable to provide supervision in the following states: AZ, MT, NY, UT


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