Meeting the BACB Requirements

  • Work between 20-130 hours per month
  • Meet with your supervisor a minimum of 4 times per month
  • Observation with a client at least 1 time per month
  • 5% of your hours must be supervised: The duration of your contact meetings and observations must equal 5% of your worked hours
  • 60% of your fieldwork hours must be unrestricted (this is an overall percentage and does not need to be met monthly)

How it works

We arrange a recurring weekly meeting with each client to ensure 4 contact meetings are scheduled. You will meet with your supervisor via video conferencing each week for a duration of 15 minutes to 1 hour per meeting. You will also upload video recording of yourself delivering ABA services with a client at least 1 time per month. We require 50% of your hours via video recording to ensure we have the opportunity to observe your behavior analytic skills.


Flexible Monthly Plan

$400 per month

  • Recurring payment, billed $200 every 15 days 
  • Includes 6.5 hours per month. 
  • Undelivered hours remain in your balance

Structured Monthly Plan

$350 per month

  • Includes up to 6.5 hours to be delivered within the month
  • Recurring payment deducted every 30 days
  • Hours expire at the end of the month

Partial Monthly Plan

$250 per month

  • Includes 4 hours
  • Recurring payments; $125 deducted every 15 days
  • Undelivered hours remain in your balance

Individual Supervision Hours

$65 per hour

  • Undelivered hours remain in your balance

RBT Competency Assessment


Up to 2 hours of supervisory time.
  • Includes observation with client (via video recording), interview, and documentation upload with the BACB. 
  • You must also send the supervisor a copy of your completed background check.

RBT Supervision

$60 per hour

  • Undelivered hours remain in your balance.
  • Must meet the BACB requirements each month in order to continue supervision



I met Kristen during the craziness of the pandemic. Unfortunately, I had to stop previous supervision due to not being with clients anymore. Once I was able to meet with clients again, I desperately searched for a new supervisor and came across TeachABALMoments. Throughout the whole process, Kristen always gave amazing feedback, was super organized with scheduling, and was able to help me during my moments of anxiety! I loved using sharefile, it kept everything all together, I knew if I needed anything I could just go and check in the folders for great resources. Thank you so much Kristen for being an amazing supervisor!


Superb Supervision

The supervision I received at TeachABAI Moments was nothing short of amazing. Kristin was very flexible and knowledgeable. Being a new mom and working full-time, I had NO idea how I was going to be able to complete supervision. I am so happy to have found TeachABAI. Navigating the website is very easy along with uploading videos. I also received awesome materials that will be very helpful to me in my career! If you’re unsure about virtual supervision, just do it!!!


Excellent Experience

I signed up with Teachabal Moments a year ago to begin my fieldwork supervision while I was taking my ABA classes, getting prepared to get my BCBA license. I had tried to get supervision through the agency I work for, but they didn’t have an available BCBA. I looked online and found Teachabal Moments, and am so thankful that I did. This experience for me has been seamless. The topics we covered in supervision, the tasks I worked on, dovetailed perfectly with what I was studying in class. Scheduling was easy and efficient, as was the observation process. My supervisor was Kristen, who was very knowledgeable and helpful , and enhanced my learning experience every step of the way. I would unreservedly recommend Teachabal Moments to anyone looking for a positive and meaningful supervised fieldwork experience.



Percentage of our BCBA and BCaBA candidates that have passed their exam on the first attempt!
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  • What counts toward supervision?
All time that your supervisor dedicates to you counts toward supervision. Contact meetings, video observations, collaboration on behavior-analytic work, etc.
  • What are the minimum monthly requirements?
This changes on occasion and the BACB is in a transition period. There is a breakdown of requirements at the top of this page, as well as links to BACB documents.
  • Can I accrue unrestricted hours if I am not working?
No. We can only supervise the hours that you actually work. We can help assign unrestricted tasks, but you must obtain permission from your employer to be able to apply these within your setting.
  • Do you guarantee hours?
We guarantee that hours are available to you, however it is your responsibility to schedule those hours and upload your videos early in the month. 
  • Can I accrue hours via Telehealth?
Yes. To meet the observational requirement you can record portions of your telehealth sessions and submit them to your supervisor, or your supervisor can join the telehealth session. You will need consent from your employer and the client (or client’s guardian) to be observed in this manner. 

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